Renowned Art Director Lana Gelfenbeyn is sought for her expertise specializing in beautiful ranges of hair colouring and European colouring techniques


Affectionately known as "The Queen of Blondes”, Lana creates exquisite hair colours specializing in beautiful ranges of blond.  From the warmest of caramels, to beautiful shimmering lights, to outstanding bold platinums, Lana can create the most stunning super blondes, even from the darkest base hair.

Based out of Avant Garde Hair Studio — recognized as a premier salon in Canada — located in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver, Lana uses a selection of top-shelf colour lines including L'Oreal, Tigi, Goldwell and Wella systems. Continually learning the latest techniques and always exploring today’s hottest hair colouring trends, Lana consistently achieves these perfect tones of multi-blond looks to the gratification of her sophisticated boutique clientele.

Trust your hair to Lana for your colour consultations, expert hair colour corrective, and exquisite hair colour design.

Lana Gelfenbeyn, Hair Colour Expert

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